A comparison of education policies of gore and bush

Bush and Vice President Al Gore wrap up their nominating conventions in the next few weeks they will get back to campaigning in earnest, and voters are sure to hear plenty of talk about the state of the economy, the future of Social Security, health care, electronic commerce and foreign trade, among other issues.

A comparison of education policies of gore and bush

This is discrimination, pure and simple -- the soft bigotry of low expectations. And our nation should treat it like other forms of discrimination: We should end it. Seniors who volunteer at least hours a year would be eligible for the scholarships, which they then could pass on to their children, grandchildren or other children in need.

The pilot project would be limited to 10, volunteers. Should federal money be linked to how well students perform on national or statewide tests? As president, I will fundamentally change the relationship between the states and federal government in education.

I strongly believe in local control of schools and curriculum. We will grant unprecedented freedom and flexibility in return for high standards and results. In my administration, federal dollars will no longer follow failure. We will ask states and local school districts to set their own standards to achieve excellence in the core areas of math, English, science, and history, and hold them accountable for results.

I oppose a national test because it would undermine curriculum developed at the state and local level. What are the results? Are the children learning?

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And if they are, we ought to give bonuses to schools for the poorest of the poor. Improving Head Start to make sure that it is an early learning and education program that prepares young children to succeed academically. All Head Start programs will be evaluated and renewal contracts will only be given to those who use the curriculum to prepare the children.

Expand local control of schools by giving states new freedom and flexibility in return for results. These reforms [will] set high standards, achieve real results, and make sure no child is left behind. CNN coverage by Bruce MortonAug 27, As child, discovered that his younger brother was dyslexic It was Junior who 1st noticed that Neil, the middle child in the family, had severe reading problems, which he was able to cover up until 2nd grade.

A battery of tests revealed that Neil suffered from dyslexia, a neurological disorder that hinders the learning of literacy skills.

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She was the one who really spent time making sure that Neil could learn to read the basics.George W. Bush, a Republican, was the 43rd U.S. president from to Barack Obama, a Democrat, was the 44th president from to Here's a comparison of the critical elements of their economic policies.

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A comparison of education policies of gore and bush

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WASHINGTON - In three months, either George W. Bush or Al Gore will be directing the economic power of the world's most prosperous nation and the military might of a nuclear-equipped force of some.

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