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Analyse how the growth breakdown of a

The Macquarie University study was publicised on April 27 by the prestigious New Scientist magazine but no Australian media consider it newsworthy. The reduction in head injury numbers was marginal. In essence, the results strongly suggest that the mandatory wearing of helmets increases the risk of accidents and thus injuries.

Inthe cities of SydneyPerthFremantle and Adelaide were calling for a trial exemption or eventual scrapping of bicycle helmet laws so they can encourage cycling and avoid the bike share failures suffered in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Analyse how the growth breakdown of a

In Marchthe British Medical Journal published Do enforced bicycle helmet laws improve public health? The study concludes from worldwide data that any reductions in head injury following enactment of mandatory bicycle helmet laws are due to the consequent reduction in numbers of cyclists on the road, not because of injury-prevention benefits afforded by helmets.

In earlythe prestigious international peer-review journal Accident Analysis and Prevention published a paper PDF 68kb disproving the conclusions of most international case control studies since that have been used to justify the mandatory wearing of bicycle helmets. There are various reasons why mandatory helmet wearing increases cyclist risk, including research published in September by Bath University in the UK suggesting that "bicyclists who wear protective helmets are more likely to be struck by passing vehicles" also see New York Times.

Other causes include a doubling of the head size likely to make impact, rotational brain injury and risk compensation. Alternatively, read about it in the Sydney Morning Herald April 28 Health Department assessments show that Australian obesity rates have doubled since bicycle helmet law enactment at the beginning of the s.

It was reported in April that obesity is a bigger killer than smoking in Australia. The lifespan of Australians is falling because they are becoming increasingly fat, yet its citizens are punished if they want to enjoy regular exercise without wearing a hot, uncomfortable, inconvenient helmet that is proven to increase their risk of accident and injury.

Helmet Freedom allows you to automatically send pre-formatted letters to Australian politicians calling for repeal of mandatory bicycle helmet laws.

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Feel free to forward this document to anybody interested in public health and safety. Despite this, the number of cyclist hospital admissions per annum increased after helmet law enforcement to consecutive record levels. The previous hospital admissions record was inthe year the law was enacted. Beforewhen there were more cyclists on West Australian roads, an average cyclists were admitted to hospital each year.

Ina new West Australian cyclist injury record was established when people were hospitalised Ina total of West Australian cyclists were hospitalised - another record despite cyclist road numbers similar to pre-law levels. Incyclists comprised West Australian hospital cyclist admissions:Risk capital issued and outstanding by year This chart allows you to analyse risk capital issued by year in the catastrophe bond and ILS market as well as the amount of risk capital outstanding.

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Analyse how the growth breakdown of a

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