Dollar tree logistics

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Dollar tree logistics

Store West Palm Beach: Manager turned the AC up again to save money: TJ February 18, at 4: Krystle walker February 5, at James has been so rude and disrespectful on numerous occasions but on Jan 1 I was very upset.

I have left numerous of messages on the v. On Jan 4th my husband went to the same location and seen mice running on the bread. Half of the bread was eaten my the rodents and mouse droppings covered the floor. We have taken pictures of this disgusting environment because my husband saw the conditions after touching the area.

This a manger gets complaints not only from customers but employees are being heard talking about how bad he treats them. I will need a call back asap because something needs to done.

My cell phone number is XXXXX and hopefully I will get a phone call this week because I have been waiting over a month over the other incident where I was disrespected by your manager. JB January 27, at 5: EVerytime I go there and not many employees at cashier or too many people in line waiting with only one cashier.

I went front cashier and she went other side to do the balloons with two customer. They were talking talking and laugh or look up which kind of baloons.

I waited 10 mins no body back up. It was horrible place at Dollar Tree. Even I applied the job two years ago as sign saying hire. Never hire me because I am deaf.

Worse place Dollar Tree Im telling you. I will call headquarter about this place. Jennifer January 25, at 6: You should replace her and get someone to stock the store and keep up your business.

Dollar tree logistics

Your customers will not keep going to the store if there is nothing to buy on the shelves. This is bad for your stores business. Thank you Rachel January 5, at 7: The pregnant cashier named Ashley needs to be fired or retrained on work ethic. I made the mistake by waiting in her line today.

I called the store to complain and to get a corporate number, only to find out that the manager was working in the next line to her today, I know he could hear her if I could her, I also was told he gets complaints about her on a regular basis.

I swear I like this store better than the rest, but Ashley is reason enough for me not to step foot in that place now.Store Locator – Dollar Tree Canada Store Locator. Enter a city and province (ex: Vancouver, BC) or postal code to find the closest Dollar Tree Canada store.

Welcome to the Dollar Tree Store and the variety of available apparel, electronics, home, and sale products. Dollar Tree Online Application found in: Assistant Store Management, Associate Career Opportunities, Corporate Careers, Dollar Tree Career Benefits Program, Read the job description for Assistant Store Manager career opportunities.

Dollar Tree Stores, Inc hires many logistics jobs across the nation. Browse all available distribution and logistics jobs here. Dollar Tree is committed to working closely with our vendors to ensure that all requirements are met for achieving our goal of a cost-efficient supply chain.

Logistics found in: Logistics Careers, Logistics Analyst, Logistics DC Training Program, CORE Logistics Development Program, Logistics Analyst Training Program. | Dollar Tree Win $ Daily Survey - Survey Help