Goodbye superboy a fond farewell to

With this in mind, here's a proven 8-step formula for writing your goodbye email. Leaving with your best face forward is a balancing act between:

Goodbye superboy a fond farewell to

Poison Ivy has been known to trot these slurs in the comics given her plant-motif. She herself, of course, is also a meatbag. The wooden soldiers in Fables tend to refer to anyone who isn't one of them as "meat", with the exception of Geppetto and Pinnochio.


In Nextwave Machine Man calls humans "fleshy ones". May the Force be with you, Meatbag. Played for Laughs in The Fifth Element. During a police shakedown, Korben Dallas is asked if he identifies as human, only for him to respond with "Er, negative.

I am a meat popsicle. There are two kinds of humans in the movie Surrogates. Those that use their animatronic counterparts, and those who don't. Those who do always refer to those who don't as "meatbags" as an insult because they refuse to openly embrace the cultural norm. In the Transformers Film Series Decepticons typically refer to humans as insects.

In the first few instances, it seems to be related most directly to our size and relative lack of advancementbut Revenge Of The Fallen raises a more humorous possibility: The Decepticons know that the overwhelming majority of earth's animal life is arthropods, and going by the Fallen's address to "The Human Hive", they don't realize Humans aren't amongst them.

Literature The Yeerks in Animorphs sometimes refer to humans as "meat", comparing their use of humans as hosts to humans eating cattle. Aftran verbalizes this in The Departure: The fairies in Artemis Fowl call humans "mud people" because they live on the surface instead of underground obviously, there is no mud there.

In Belisarius Serieswhen Aide is exasperated with 6th century humans, he calls them "protoplasmic". In The Bible human weakness is often referred to as "the flesh". This appears in contexts such as, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" and admonitions to avoid "pleasures of the flesh".

In Blood and Chocolatethe werewolves refer to humans as "meat-people". This is considered very offensive by the werewolf community despite the fact that humans are unaware of their existence, because they've been trying to stop their kind thinking of humans as meat to be consumed for generations.

Some of the more snobbish Minds in The Culture tend to refer to humans as "meat. Robots in the Cyberiad usually call humans "palefaces", but occasional "meatbag" still appears here and there. The trolls on Discworld don't usually use this for the humans the trolls are living rock but in Moving Pictures when a human asks a troll "Why do you eat rock?

Aren't you made of it? The White Court and Red Court vampires refer to mortals as "kine" and "cattle" respectively, because they see humans as little more than herd animals for them to eat.

The White Court also refer to wizards as "freaks", and Harry explains, "Wizards are deer who can call down the lightning and whip up firestorms. From that perspective, we're fairly freakish.

In the Skinned series, the mechs humans who had their brains uploaded into androids after their actual bodies are destroyed call humans "orgs", as in "organic". Star Wars Expanded Universe: Empire's End has a moment where psychotic droid Mister Bones says "meatbag", in a clear reference to the much-beloved HK Internet memes have never been the same since.

In The Underland Chroniclesmost Underland species refer to humans as " killers " in their native languages. At one point in Caves of Icethe techpriest Logash angry at being denied the chance to investigate a Necron tomb bitterly refers to "typical meatbag behavior".

Given the massive Shout-Out quotient of the series, this is likely a callout to the Trope Codifier. Notably, throughout both the series and 40K in general, regular humans call techpriests "cogboys". Chapter 6 of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz contains this exchange.

It is technically an aversion because it is not a slur. He is my dog, Toto. Is he made of tin, or stuffed? He's a—a—a meat dog. The Race in Harry Turtledove 's Worldwar series call humans Big Uglies when they're being polite they use Tosevite, as Tosev is their name for our Sun and Tosev 3 the name for our planet.

Want to Wish Someone a Fond Farewell?

Also inverted in that humans refer to the Race as "Lizards" just as often. The Enforcer gods of Journey to Chaos refer to all mortal life, human or otherwise, as "mortal flesh" because they are spirit creatures.Click for ideas for your fond farewell!

When it's time for saying goodbye, make sure you hit the right note to make a good 'Bye'. It may be hard to bid farewell to someone, but when the right words are used, the moments can become memorable. Some of the most successful people have said beautiful and deeper things about farewells.

Here is a list of fond farewell quotes and sayings from some famous and some not-so-famous folks. Use the right quotes for the right person.

Bartholomew Henry Allen II is a fictional superhero in the DC Comics first appeared as the superhero Impulse, a teenage sidekick of the superhero the Flash, before he became the second hero known as Kid character first made a cameo appearance in The Flash #91 in , while his first full appearance in issue #92, and appeared as the lead character in Impulse ( If you find yourself unable to say farewell, use these farewell quotes to bid your dear ones goodbye.

Remind your loved ones of the precious time you shared, . Goodbye, Superboy!

Goodbye superboy a fond farewell to

A Fond Farewell to the Last Romantic." MANILA, August 21, (STAR) BY THE WAY By Max V. Soliven - Much has been written about Ninoy Aquino, whose name needs no introduction to many of our readers. Commuters pass by his statue daily on Ayala Avenue in Makati’s Golden Mile, and another monument to him in Manila.

Are you saying goodbye to a child? These farewell stories are both a message and a gift of love. Some Irish Blessings and Farewell Toasts: May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields.

And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

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