How to print on tissue paper

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How to print on tissue paper

Printing on tissue by Paul Bradley Tissue paper is the preferred covering material for many light weight model airplanes. Prior to the availability of computer driven ink jet printers, modelers using tissue covering had to rely on a variety of methods to add color and markings.

This consisted of using different colors of tissue, marking pens, ruling pens, and other techniques for applying color and details to a model's covering. When ink jet printers started becoming available for prices the modeler could afford, it did not take long for people to realize that ink jet printers and light weight tissue paper were made for each other.

Using an ink jet printer it is possible to add just about any color, color combination, and marking detail to a sheet of tissue with no weight gain. My use of the ink jet printer to apply color and markings to plain white tissue paper began around I have been using the process ever since to add eye appealing color and trim to my models.

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This short pictorial article describes the process I use for printing color and markings directly on light weight tissue paper using an ink jet printer. It is surprisingly easy and any ink jet printer can be used.

The resulting tissue can be used on light weight indoor models, outdoor models where weight is an issue, and even on heavier radio control models. In the latter case the ink jet tissue is applied over a film underlayment using clear dope. Want to give it a try? What do you need?

There are two basic requirements for printing on tissue paper.

How to print on tissue paper

First is an ink jet printer. I am not aware of any on the market today that will not work for this application. Some printers feature a straight through paper path. These work especially well for printing on tissue, but that feature is not required.

The second thing you need is some graphics software to develop your artwork. Just about any program that will let you draw will work fine.

How to print on tissue paper

I prefer software that uses vector graphics so they can be scaled without any loss of resolution. Programs that draw using bit maps can also be used very effectively.

In addition to an inkjet printer and supporting graphics software, you will also need a can of spray adhesive. Along with the spray adhesive, you will need a sheet of printer paper to serve as a backing sheet. This piece of paper will need to be the same size as the piece of tissue you will be using for printing.

The photos that follow will take you through the steps. Here are the more detailed steps. Begin by creating your artwork. The example shown here has been developed using CorelDraw.

The printer I am using supports printing on sheets 13 inches by 19 inches. The drawing shown was set up to print on a sheet 12 inches by 18 inches.

Begin by preparing a backing sheet for the tissue. Use a piece of paper that is the same size as the tissue sheet to be printed. If your printer supports banner printing, or custom sizes that will let you print long sheets you can use that capability to print panels the length of a full tissue sheet.

Apply a light coat of spray adhesive to the backing sheet. Use an adhesive that will let you reposition a piece after being placed on the adhesive. I have found that 3M Spray Mount works very well for this application.

An alternative is 3M Photo Mount, but be careful on the amount used. It is more permanent. After applying the spray adhesive, stick the backing sheet to a piece of cardboard.

Peel off the backing sheet. Repeat that process for 3 or 4 times.Once the tissue paper is completely gone gently pull off the wax paper and ta-da your design is left behind on the candle.

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The selections will change seasonally so keep checking or write to us and tell us what you are looking for. Feb 03,  · I used to print on tissue paper by ironing it onto freezer paper.

It worked, but the process was time–intensive. A too–hot iron meant the tissue paper was not coming off the freezer paper. The main issue is keeping the tissue paper from tangling in the inkjet printer's rollers. The solution is easy and Suzy Cucumber. Get coupons for toilet paper, paper towels, and flushable wipes from Scott®.

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