Leadership and organizational change worksheet

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Leadership and organizational change worksheet

Culture and Climate Activity for Leadership Development This is a self-reflection activity for distinguishing between the culture and climate of an organization and what can and cannot easily be changed.

It may be used for individual self-study or as a classroom activity. Read the short article below on What things can you easily change within an organization and then complete the reflection activity below it.

After the learners have completed the reading and activity, divide them into small groups. Have them discuss what can easily be changed within their organization, and what would take a full commitment of the organization to change.

This activity is used in conjunction with the section on Culture and Climate.

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What things can you easily change within an organization? Culture Changing the culture of an organization takes the full commitment of every leader within the organization. Many of them believed in equal rights, but the culture they worked and lived in made them believe that their work was strictly a man's job Climate On the other hand, climate is a feeling by the employees on how they perceive that something should be done at the minute.

These feelings can normally be changed within a few hours, days or weeks.

What things can you easily change within an organization?

The workers get these feelings from their both leaders and peers, formally and informally. Feelings are transmitted to them by how their leaders act and model, and what they praise and ignore. For example, you might believe your department needs to provide better customer service.

You then take the necessary actions to help your department start performing customer service better. In the majority of organizations, your actions will not be met with great resistance throughout the ranks.

Because "not providing good customer service" is not part of the heritage of most organizations.

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Thus, if someone wants to change it, it does not really affect others within the organization. Reflections on the Organization Listed below are some of the items almost every organization does.

Below each item are the words climate feel of the organization and culture the way we do things. Think about your organization and circle the word that you believe best describes it.

Leadership style of upper management Climate Leadership style of supervisors and the manager I report to Climate.For example, Kreitner & Kinicki states that, "The emergence of a global economy is forcing companies to change the way they do business," (, p.

).3/5(1). At the program’s conclusion, participants will have an understanding of the change management process, actions they can take to be a positive force in driving change, and best practices for implementing organizational changes. Effective Leadership in the Church A training tool to help congregations, pastors, and other church The whole group brightened to the idea and wanted the change.

Pastor Pete felt anxious, like something was slipping away, but nodded tions about that organization’s mission, its reason for being. In the. I subscribed to your Leadership & Change members area. I find the content very interesting and well diversified, your comments and interviews very well thought and the presentation of .

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Leadership and organizational change worksheet

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Leadership and Organizational Change Worksheet Essays