Management 490

She has been fully available and knowledgeable, whether we had questions or were seeking advice.

Management 490

Management 490

Management Team Behind our success is a tireless, hands-on, shirtsleeves approach to each project, and a talented team dedicated to delivering a new and positive healthcare experience.

We bring a history of completing successful projects in partnership with each healthcare system, physician practice and clinical service that we work with.

We invite you to learn more about each of our team members by clicking on the photos below.

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Please feel free to reach out to any one of us. Ochs brings more than a decade of experience in the management, development, acquisition, and investment of healthcare real estate. Ochs served as a Financial and Underwriting Analyst at a boutique consulting firm.

Ochs institutionalized and significantly grew the firm from one office with four employees,SF of assets under management and a management-centric platform to a nimble organization with four offices, eleven employees and 1, SF under management by the time he led the firm into a merger with Anchor Health Properties two years later.

The consolidated firm offered a strong management platform with 1, SF under management, a robust development pipeline, twenty-four employees across five offices and a strong Mid-Atlantic presence.

Management 490

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