No pain no gain

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No pain no gain

No pain, no gain: The IUD insertion process Unlike me, you should take some advance measures to prepare yourself for the process.

No pain no gain

A version of this article was originally published on November 11,on SexReally. I wish I could say that getting the IUD was easy once I made my decision that the love affair with the pill was over.

In reality, it took me three visits before I finally baby-proofed my uterus. First my doctor wanted me to get a pap smear and STI test. An abnormal pap result delayed my efforts further.

After a lab test determined that some cervical lesions were low-grade and no cause for alarm, I finally found myself face-to-face with a foot-long box containing my IUD. Thankfully, the size was misleading.

The Mirena IUD is actually less than 1. Forgoing anesthesia and prescription painkillers, I whimpered with my boyfriend by my side as the doctor fit the IUD into place. I felt intense cramps similar to contractions, I imagine the second it entered my body.

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Utterly shaken by the invasion of this foreign object, my legs trembled and my teeth chattered uncontrollably. Total cost for five years of a worry-free womb? My insurance policy covers the device and the insertion procedure entirely.

One of my friends, who got the IUD a month after she gave birth to her first child, claimed that it even hurt more than labor. Conversely, I heard from many other women that insertion was no more uncomfortable than a pap smear.

In my opinion, better safe than sorry either way. Here are a few things that may help you avoid my experience: Say yes to drugs. After your appointment, keep Midol handy, or any painkillers that target lower abdominal pain and menstrual symptoms. You can also try taking painkillers before your insertion appointment.

Schedule your appointment to coincide with your menstrual cycle since your cervix will already be slightly dilated then. Rough sex is out of the question.

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At least for the first week. Though I only needed a couple weeks to recover, one of my friends said penetrative intercourse was uncomfortable for the first month.

Self-heating stick-on pads the kind you can get at drugstores for sports injuries or menstrual pain may help alleviate discomfort throughout the day. At home, a hot water bottle or an electric blanket will also do the trick. Hormonal IUDs, which release progesterone, are relatively low-hormone compared to other forms of hormonal contraception.

This article was written before the Affordable Care Act made it a requirement for insurance companies to cover all FDA-approved birth control methods without out-of-pocket costs. Today, both the IUD and generic pills would be covered.

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