Summary the necklace

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Summary the necklace

I was rushing frantically from one end of the platform to the other in search of accommodation on the train. The porter led me to a vacant compartment and then went away to his other duties.

I occupied one of the upper berths - a fact which eventually proved to be of great significance.

At a Glance

Soon after, some important looking gentleman claimed that the compartment had been reserved for Anandamayi Ma and I realized that law, equity, convention - everything was against me.

I deserved to be turned out of the compartment as a trespasser. However, I was not; on the contrary, I overheard the sweet voice of a Bengali lady - "Leave Baba Father alone; he is so tired!

The sense of words uttered by her was comforting, the sound simply captivation. My first impulse was to be chivalrous and to leave the compartment. But expediency prompted me to feign sleep.

Early the following morning I awoke, refreshed by sound sleep.

Summary the necklace

The glow in the eastern sky indicated that sunrise was near at hand. From my upper berth I could see the lower one on the opposite side occupied by a motherly lady with a radiant face and a pair of sparkling eyes.

A cluster of her black silken hair was overflowing her pillow and swinging in rhythm with the movement of the train. Her gracious gaze, focused on me, seemed to penetrate into every fibre of my being.

The Necklace Summary -

It was so loving, so soothing! I was told later on that she was Anandamayi Ma and that by such a gaze she often made, as it were, an X-Ray examination of a person's personality.

Be that as it may, I seemed to read a mystic message in that gaze - a message of love and peace. My eyes were automatically closed in silent salutation. As the day dawned, I came down from the upper berth. I wanted a seat on the berth below mine. It was occupied by a lady saint who looked the very picture of peacefulness.


Later on, I was told that she was Didima, the mother of Anandamayi Ma. Didima was then immersed in meditation. She did not speak to me but offered me a seat on her berth and then sprinkled holy Ganga water on my head.

I appreciated her courtesy, but not the chilling effect of the drops of water that had moistened my forehead that cold winter morning.

Summary the necklace

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