The politics of criminal organizations essay

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The politics of criminal organizations essay

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The growing criminalisation of politics and politicization of criminals have taken heavy toll on policing in the country. This phenomenon has further eroded the credibility, effectiveness, and impartiality of the police and resulted into lack of trust and confidence in police forces in large sections of the society.

The administration and the police are the first causalities of criminalisation of the politics, resulting into a system of law that is neither fair nor impartial. The Government of India woke up belatedly to this alarming situation and convened a conference of Chief Ministers on the "Administration of Criminal Justice in India" in The conference took note of the lack of financial support to not only police but other two wings of criminal justice system, namely, the judiciary and the jails.

In the resolution passed in the conference, it was mentioned that, "over the years, the expenditure on criminal justice administration on all the three areas of police, judiciary and jails has declined". They also expressed their grave concern at the increasing criminalization of politics and politicization of administration.

The conference recommended formation of a committee under the Home Minister, Government of India for follow up action. Special Secretary Home as members.

The committee inter alia reported on 3rd October that a nexus between the criminal gangs, police, bureaucracy and politicians was common occurrence in various parts of the country.

In states like Bihar, U. R and Haryana, the mafia gangs enjoyed the patronage ol local politicians and the protection of government functionaries.

The report further said that the mafia network was virtually running a parallel government, making the state apparatus virtually irrelevant. The crime syndicates had acquired substantial financial muscle power as well as respectability to wield enough influence to make the task of investigating and prosecuting agencies extremely difficult.

On 28th Augustthe Election Commissioner G. According to him, of 1,37, candidates who had contested the General Election to the Lok Sabha innearly had criminal records of murder, dacoity, rape, theft or extortion.

Not that the politicians and law makers are unaware of dangers that the situation poses for Indian democracy. In the special session of Lok Sabha, on the occasion of the golden jubilee year of Independence, the house passed a resolution of 31st August saying inter alia that, "more especially, all political parties shall undertake all such steps as will attain the objective of ridding of our polity of criminalization or its influence".

But it remained a pious resolution. When it came to concrete reforms, barring few, political parties across the board stalled electoral reforms. In the yearin the light of instruction of the Supreme Court, the Election Commission issued directive requiring the candidates seeking elections, to file affidavit indicating their criminal record or their assets etc.

The Supreme Court finally upheld the directive of Election Commission requiring candidates seeking elections to file affidavits along with nomination papers, indicating details regarding their criminal record, if any, and assets held by them.

This was implemented during the Lok Sabha election held in April - Maybut oddly enough, it has not been possible to prevent persons with criminal records from entering Lok Sabha.

The politics of criminal organizations essay

Barring exceptions, all parties, particularly from north have their skeletons in their cup-boards. Out of Congress MPs, 15 have criminal records against them. What is unprecedented is that some of the ministers in the Central Government had serious cases under trial in the courts pending against them.

Police face, "Nuremberg dilemma" today. What can they do when law has to be enforced against a central minister, as it happened in a case of cabinet minister from Jharkhand state recently?

The court issued non-bailable warrant against him. The minister went underground. The PM or the HM would not tell the parliament, as to where the minister was.

Time is running out and unless something is done to stem the rot, the entire system will collapse, the policing system, included. What is required today is to take a holistic view and carry out urgent reforms in police, judiciary and electoral laws simultaneously.

The roots of corruption lie in the election expenses of the candidates. The statutory limit - Rs 15 lakhs for a Lok Sabha seat depending on the constituency and the number of votersRs 3 to 6 lakhs for state legislatures depending on the areaand Rs 75, for municipal corporations - is too less. In practice, the expenses incurred by the candidates are much more.

Once the candidate becomes an MP, MLA or a minister, he has to reciprocate to his donors in a big way. This is the root cause of corruption. Corruption at higher levels of political leadership leads to corruption in the bureaucracy and other wings of the administration like the police or the Public Works Department.

It travels downwards into the entire bureaucratic apparatus and also amongst the civilians.

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Along with money power, muscle power has also polluted elections. Unfortunately, a large number of our MPs and legislators have criminal records against them. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar top the list.Essays, Term Papers, Book Reports, Research Papers on Politics.

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