Traffic volume study essays for scholarships

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Traffic volume study essays for scholarships

His career in India included service as a district officer from tohead of a central department from toand secretary to the Government from to Initially it appeared that he was safe in Etawahnot far from Meerut where the rebellion began but this changed and Hume had to take refuge in Agra fort for six months.

He built up an irregular force of loyal Indian troops and took part in engagements with them. Hume blamed British ineptitude for the uprising and pursued a policy of "mercy and forbearance".

As a District Officer in the Indian Civil Service, he began introducing free primary education and held public meetings for their support. He made changes in the functioning of the police department and the separation of the judicial role. Originally meant only for Etawah, its fame spread.

The steadfast loyalty of many native officials and landowners, and the people generally, was largely due to his influence, and enabled him to raise a local brigade of horse.

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In a daring attack on a body of rebels at Jaswantnagar he carried away the wounded joint magistrate, Mr. Clearmont Daniel, [13] under a heavy fire, and many months later he engaged in a desperate action against Firoz Shah and his Oudh freebooters at Hurchandpur.

Company rule had come to an end before the ravines of the Jumna and the Chambul in the district had been cleared of fugitive rebels. Hume richly merited the C.

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Civil division awarded him in He remained in charge of the district for ten years or so and did good work. He wrote, inthat education played a key role in avoiding revolts like the one in His efforts led to a juvenile reformatory not far from Etawah. He also started free schools in Etawah and by he established schools with students including two girls.

Hume laid out in Etawah, a neatly gridded commercial district that is now known as Humeganj but often pronounced Homeganj. In he returned to provincial government at Allahabad. He carried out the first negotiations with Rajputana Chiefs, leading to the abolition of this barrier, and Lord Mayo rewarded him with the Secretaryship to Government in the Home, and afterwards, fromin the Revenue and Agricultural Departments.

He believed that there was too much focus on obtaining revenue and no effort had been spent on improving the efficiency of agriculture. He found an ally in Lord Mayo who supported the idea of developing a complete department of agriculture.

Hume noted in his Agricultural reform in India that Lord Mayo had been the only Viceroy who had any experience of working in the fields.

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Hume made a number of suggestions for the improvement of agriculture placing carefully gathered evidence for his ideas. He noted the poor yields of wheat, comparing the yields that he had estimated with the records of Emperor Akbar and the yield of farms in Norfolk. Hume was made a secretary of this department in July leading to his move to Shimla.Outside Scholarships.

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traffic volume study essays for scholarships

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