Windows to linux migration essay

A business application is installed on a Windows server with an Oracle client 11g. The application is able to start a datapump export, but as matter of fact the dumpfiles are always written to the Linux-server. Now we are supposed to change the datapump export in a matterthat the dumpfiles get written to the Windows server. Creating a new directory e.

Windows to linux migration essay

Hardware requirements What kind of system is needed to run Linux? The actual hardware requirements for the ideal computer system change periodically.

For the Intel systems, a hardware configuration that looks like the following is required: Any 80x, 80x, Pentium or Pentium II processor will do. Non-Intel clones of the 80x and up will generally work.

Users will not need a math co-processor, although it is nice to have one. Users need at least 4 megabytes of memory in their machine. Technically, Linux will run with only 2 megabytes, but most installations and software require 4. The more Windows to linux migration essay a person has, the happier the user will be.

I suggest an absolute minimum of 16 megabytes if they are planning to use X-Windows; but 64 megabytes is better. Of course, users will need a hard drive and an AT-standard drive controller. Many SCSI drives and adaptors are supported as well. If the user is assembling a system from scratch to run Linux, the small additional cost of SCSI is well worth it for the extra performance and reliability it brings.

Windows Vs Linux 3 If a person's machine was built in or later, they should be able to actually boot their Linux installer right off the CD-ROM without using a boot floppy.

If their CD-ROM uses a proprietary interface card, it's possible the installation kernel they're going to boot from floppy won't be able to see it -- and an inaccessible CD-ROM is an installation show-stopper. A stripped-down Linux can actually run on a single floppy, but that's only useful for installation and certain troubleshooting tasks.

However, if the user wishes to run the X window system, there are other restrictions on the supported video hardware. Space requirements Users will need free space for Linux on their hard drive.

Windows to linux migration essay

The amount of space needed depends on how much software the user plans to install. Today most installations require somewhere in the ballpark of a gigabyte of space. This includes space for the software, swap space used as virtual RAM on the machine, and free space for users, and so on.

Windows Vs Linux 4 It's conceivable that people could run a minimal Linux system in 80 megabytes or less and it's also conceivable that users could use two gigabytes or more for all of their Linux software. The amount varies greatly depending on the amount of software they install and how much space they require.

If users have a or with at least 4 megabytes of RAM. Linux does not require huge amounts of disk space, memory, or processor speed. The more users want to do, the more memory and faster processor they'll need.

In experience a machine with 16 megabytes of RAM running Linux outdoes several models of expensive workstations. Installation Overview It's wise to collect configuration information on the computers hardware before installing. Windows Vs Linux 5 Users probably won't need this information -- but if it turns out that they do, they'll need it very badly.

If users want to run a dual-boot system Linux and DOS or Windows or both, rearrange, repartition the hard disk to make room for Linux. If the user is wise, they'll back up everything first.Despite what all the Linux haters say, choosing Ubuntu is logical and migrating from Windows 7 & to Ubuntu is a breeze.

No matter which model you use, the financial benefit of switching to Linux from Unix or Windows is driven by four main cost categories: acquisition, migration, management, and support. Windows Vs Linux 2 Beginning a Linux Installation Before a person can install Linux, they'll need to be sure their machine is Linux capable, and choose a Linux to install. Today, as Microsoft discontinues support for Windows XP, a 12 year old operating system, users all over the world find themselves with only a few options to choose from as they move on. It's not surprising that Microsoft encourages users to migrate to Windows , but of course, there are other alternatives.

This article summarizes the process and provides solutions to the most common beginner hiccups. The requirements for Linux and UNIX operating systems have changed. Review migration recommendations and disk space requirements. Perform pre-migration tasks. Migration from Windows XP to Red Hat distribution The Red Hat enterprise Linux operating system and hardware requirements are 1 GB of RAM, 4GB of hard disk space and .

May 18,  · We are migrating from Windows to Linux OS.

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Though we have taken care of converting batch scripts to shell scripts, we have number of places in Informatica mappings, workflows with hardcoded path of Windows file share.

migrate php application from windows to linux I have simple application to move from windows server to centos linux server. I want someone to help me migrate it plus, organize the application accessibility.


for example I used to access one of the app like [login to view URL] move this to [login to view URL]. Jul 25,  · In the beginning it was a pretty simple split SQLServer/Windows easy to use, low price point won’t scale to really big apps.

Oracle/Linux/Solaris difficult, expensive will scale.

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