Writing a picture book query

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Writing a picture book query

It will help you work out where your manuscript is text heavy and eliminate excess description. That has more than 32 pages. Established authors and illustrators are a safer bet. Shorter books for younger readers such as board books may have 16 pages.

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But because of the way books are printed, the number of pages will always be a multiple of 4, and usually a multiple of 8. The 32 pages of a traditionally published picture book are structured as follows: Of course, if you pick up a number of recently published picture books, you will also see some variation in where the front matter is paced.

There are other variations also.

writing a picture book query

Young children looking at picture books experience a double-page spread all at once, and modern picture books frequently have illustrations that cover the entire double-spread. A book full of single page text plus corresponding illustration is relatively rare these days.

Paginating the text means dividing the text up as it might be in a published book. At the same time, you should try to think about what might be in the accompanying illustrations. There are various methods for paginating a text using the page format: Some writers prefer to use a page storyboard.

Another simple method for visual people is to take a large sheet of paper, and fold it twice lengthwise and twice widthwise, so that when you unfold it you have 16 squares.

Anatomy of a query letter – Writing for Children and Teens

The first square is divided down the middle with Page 32 on the left and page one on the right. Others like to make a Word document or PowerPoint presentation or whatever software you prefer with 16 pages. The first page is divided down the middle with Page 32 on the left and page one on the right.

Some prefer to just divide up the text in their document like so: However you choose to do it, you can write in or cut and paste in your text or cut, then draw or make notes about the illustrations. Paginating the text will help you get a real sense of how the manuscript will look and read as the pages are turned.

writing a picture book query

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Victoria Piontek. V ictoria Piontek is a Literary Associate for Executive Agent Laura Rennert. She adores children's literature no matter the category or genre, but is especially drawn to charming picture books and middle grade stories that both pull at the heartstrings and tickle the funny bone.

Since most agents ask that the picture book manuscript be included in the submission, writing a really meaty query for that short a manuscript seems a bit silly. When I see picture book queries — and when I write my own picture book pitches, in fact — I keep it very simple.

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